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Hailing from Gerringong NSW, Jacob, Lukas and Ben began teaching each other to jam in their shared trailer house, owned by landlord/legend, Terry. Hooky guitars, fast and furious drums and rocking vocals make it too easy to pop The Terrys on repeat and the tinnies on ice.


From their origins at a school talent quest to amassing over 460,000 streams on Spotify with debut singles ‘Sadie’, ‘Halfway Out’ and 'Head Still Hurts', The Rions (like Lions) from Sydney’s Northern Beaches have their mind set on changing the world with their music, and they seem to be on the right path judging by the fan frenzy socials and triple J Unearthed.


The Blues Preachers perform a fusion of good old blues, rags, gospel and hillbilly folk. The powerful simplicity of driving finger-style and slide-guitar combined with the sounds of tasteful harmonica and old-school vocal harmonies create a traditional and untarnished sound that will have you on the edge of your seats.


The Marvellous Hearts sound like what happens when you give crate-digging music fanatics instruments and tell them to go make a record. There's snippets of every record they've ever heard swirling around in their sound. One minute you hear The Beatles, then it's Bob Dylan on rotation.


Swells are a three-piece band originating from the coastal town of Shellharbour, NSW. Inspired by the surfy sounds of Australian Rock and surf culture that they have grown up around. The boys have already played with big names such as Skegss, Crocodylus, and the Hoodoo Gurus and are regularly playing gigs around Wollongong and its greater areas.


Kaitlin, Chad, and Pauly are The Huneez - an indie pop trio hailing from Wollongong, NSW, playing some of the sweetest beats and juiciest jams around. Combining soulful melodies, funky rhythms, and some pleasantly piquant grooves into an assortment of original tracks, The Huneez will have you tapping your feet and moving from your seat.


With attention to articulate lyrics, catchy melodies and rhythmic detail, Joe’s songs express his genuine emotion. His authenticity and passion is conveyed in his intimate live show, and is an experience not worth missing.  

Turpentine Road

Turpentine road formed in the winter of 2016 on the south coast of NSW by Rob Moss and Norm Holmes.

Influenced by contemporary blues, indie rock and modern folk music, the band’s musical energy and thought provoking lyrics take the audience on a eclectic ride of emotion, melody and groove.


HMO is an MC, musician and producer from the South Coast of NSW. With an organic fusion of instrumentation and electronic elements, HMO’S music channels a range of Genres from early Funk and Soul to Reggae and Blues. 


Azza-D is an emerging Hip Hop artist hailing from Wollongong on the south coast of NSW. His unique style and melodic flow are reminiscent of classic Hip Hop and the emcee is quickly developing a solid local fanbase. 

Prodikal-1 is a hip hop artist and MC who lives and breathes his culture and ancestry. Originally from Yuin Djiringanj country on the far South Coast of NSW, his music fuses politically-charged lyrics with funk-laden sounds that make people sit up and listen.


Frank Sultana

Frank Sultana tells stories of loss, betrayal and revenge, set in imaginary backwater towns inhabited by strangely likeable yet shady characters. He delivers his songs with dark hypnotic guitar parts that are carefully layered with his raw whiskey drenched voice.

Dane Overton

Like a good dive bar, blues is at its most authentic when it is gritty. Delivering honesty through rusty guitar tones and an acidic rasp, Dane Overton lives that raw, unaffected blues. A native of the tiny south east Australian village of Gerringong

Wolf Whistle started as a Wollongong duo in late 2019 but quickly found the songs really needed a whole band to give them justice. Their music has been described as Alt folk but it’s much more than when you hear the soulful voice and acoustic guitar of Nadia Tihema

Wolf Whistle


Calcite is a surf rock/reggae artist from Wollongong, Australia. His love of hip hop, surf rock and reggae, have informed his unique sound and seen him develop into a mature performer with a definitive musical voice.

The Laces

The Laces may or may not be real shoe laces

Ren & The Rude Boys. A impolite girl and a couple of fellas making rudely reggae dub music. Oh Yeah!

Ren & The Rude Boys

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Surfboard Swap Meet

Got an old surfboard you want to sell? Looking to pick up a bargain? Want to talk about surfboard and shapes with shapers and surfers who know their stuff?

Then come along to our surfboard swap meet.


The swap meet happens from Saturday, 9am - 5pm South Werri Beach Park


Simply bring your boards up during the day  go to the swap meet area, say hello to the supervisor, put a price on your board and get amongst it! No fees involved!